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Tips for Home Decorating on A Budget

Written By Lesley Canter on Friday, May 28, 2010 | 10:42 AM

http://styleinteriorhomedesign.blogspot.com/Lets face it, we�d all prefer to have lots of money available to us when we start decorating our homes! Alas, reality often pulls us back from everything we see in our minds eye. The good news is that you don�t have to spend a lot of money for some improved home design. Tasteful interior decorating on a modest budget is very attainable with a little bit of planning strategy.

The first thing to do, and probably the most practical step is to make a decision about how much money you wish to spend on your home decorating project or projects.

Here�s a few tips to help you along:

  • Be prepared to pace yourself and be okay with the idea that you won�t necessarily get it all done at once.
  • Set your budget and target date for project completion and avoid the temptation to keep adding to the room design as you go! That always increases costs.
  • Concentrate on one area or room at a time instead of the house as a whole.
  • Have a clear cut idea of the type d�cor and design you want; including color scheme, decorating theme, and the moods you want to create in each area or room.
  • Look at the contents of each room with a fresh eye. Sometimes simply by rearranging base pieces of furniture and adding a few new accessories, the desired effect can be achieved.
  • New wall paint, wallpaper, and the addition of wall borders are all cost effective ways to improve home interior design.
  • Accessory items (such as a wall mirror, pictures, decorator throw pillow, vases and lamps) are quick, economical decorating solutions to brighten a room for a more modern home design.
  • Quality used furniture or unfinished furniture that you paint or stain can be a big cost-saver.

Another decorating tip that is quite popular is to �float� room furniture, rather than placing it up against the walls. This helps appoint select areas of the room for a specific purpose. For instance, create an inviting environment for intimate conversation or relaxed reading by grouping two easy chairs and a love seat together at one end of the living room.

Position the furniture on a colorful rug to define the area and create a visual separation from the rest of the room. A folding room divider or large potted plants increases privacy.

An effective small space decorating tip is using a wall mirror to give the illusion of more space, create more light and add dimension to the room. Position mirrors so they reflect an attractive element; a fireplace, scenic window view, etc.

If you want to create a more formal setting without spending a lot of money, take similarly proportioned works of art and group them together on the wall. The bold presence of a wall fountain is another great way to add an air of sophistication and ambiance to a room, as well as the tranquil sound of nature for a relaxed atmosphere.

Are you a creative type? Instead of spending a lot of money on designer frames, make your own picture frame; one that perfectly enhances other room elements. Simply purchase an inexpensive picture frame and cover it with wallpaper or fabric. Or decorate it with buttons, dried flowers, stained glass shards, etc. Select mats that reflect the room�s color scheme.

It�s important that the home we live in is comfortable and pleasing to our eye, but you don�t have to spend a fortune! With a little creativity and planning, you can give your home a makeover on a budget that keeps you smiling after the work is done.

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